New Title art, Weather Patterns, Dash Grab, and 4 new levels!

This update makes the Title Screen look like a proper Title screen. Weather patterns are happening around New Babel. Four new levels enter the rotation. A new Dash Grab move for you to try out! There is also a ton of behind the scenes ending stuff happening that we are keeping under wraps and not including the details in the changelog for obvious reasons.

We have a pretty clear and concise internal roadmap to 1.0 and plan to release very early 2020.

Additions and Optimizations

  • Rain clouds now rotate around the map screen and display rain fall in car screen and the levels they are over. Check out the car with rain below!
  • Updated car interior. You can see it in the above rain gif as well.
  • New tactical move: Dash Grab. Self explanatory. Can be executed mid dash or by dashing mid grab.
  • New Main Screen Title art x2 with a new Title track (still in production) are in game. Make sure you check out both Main Game (shown below) and also the Title Art for endless mode!
  • Four new levels: two shit hole slum areas, a more tech savvy shit hole slum area, and a tall shit hole slum area. This New Babel sounds like a nice place to live.
  • Stamina damage to enemies from player executing a perfect block now has more effective range, and does slightly more stamina damage than before.
  • Made dash more responsive.
  • Biofreak Assault's melee move happens at roughly half the speed it used to so it shouldn't be quite so overwhelming.
  • Added the build version number to the bottom right of the Title Screen.
  • Wall cling vertical speed now slows down based on player speed.
  • Lowered minimum velocity required to trigger crouch landing and three point landing, so at higher dexterity you should still get the superhero landing.

Bug Fixes

  • Vertical door interaction fixes to keep the player from being in mid-drop from a jump as they attempt entry.
  • Downed enemies shouldn't randomly blink to behind cover when knocked out or dead now.
  • Fixed typo in bulldog phone call.


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Nov 12, 2019

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