0.3.6 - Contraband Commandeering

0.3.6 - Contraband Commandeering

JUNE 20 - >:3 GARY
The phone system is still under construction so we wanted to flesh out how the clue system works, now you can reliably get clues and move forward in any run. We revamped the way clues are dropped and introduced a new industry intel mechanic (see below for details).

Additions and Optimizations

  • You can now more reliably find the clues that you are searching for. Previously clues were assigned random industries based on the enemy gang it was dropped by, based only on what industries that gang was involved in. Now clue generation makes the same previous checks, but now blocks generate and save their own industries (viewable on map when hovering) and enemies that belong to that faction will have a higher chance to drop clues related to that particular industry. You will have to uncover which industry a block is involved in by gaining 'block intel' through clearing a crime, picking up various contraband and clues found within a block, and a small percent by simply patrolling and having a block in your passive radar sweep. You may also be able to find out more if you get in good with any certain gang.
  • New trait 'Situational Awareness', gives you an optics boost, starts you off with 25% discovery of industries on all blocks, and increases industry discovery rate by 2% over base amount in passive radar sweep. 
  • The return of launching knocked out or killed enemies with high powered melee moves: Now all melee moves with considerable knockback get a bonus to that knockback on defeating an enemy, so taking out an enemy with a kick or uppercut will send them properly flying based on your melee strength/skill.
  • All explosions are more discriminating in who they knock down: previously the player and enemies in range of any explosions would get knocked down. Now explosions will only knock down the player or enemy if they do not pass a physical resistance check, meaning explosions can be shrugged off based on armor values and the damage being dealt by said explosive.
  • New wooden objects, a sofa chair, a fancy couch, a small side table, and cover object wooden dresser to go along with new wood sounds! Also added Artiforgs, Counterfeiting, and Guns/Ammo contraband items.
  • 'Meticulously Minded' trait now has it's own icon.
  • Nerfed Syndicate initiate, assault, and soldier considerably.
  • Significantly reduced Animus hacker turret health and ammo count, this should make it feel less over powered. Turrets also spawn facing the direction they will be active in, instead of always to the left.
  • All ragdoll bodypart impacts against terrain have their damage mitigated by 15%. On top of that Ragdoll heads are about 15% more resitant to damage. Should mitigate instakilling perps with accidental hard hits.
  • All cover objects that can be hit now have sound classes: Ricochet, Wood, and Soft classes currently.
  • Heavy impacts for ragdoll joints now make slightly louder bone-breaking noises.
  • New medium "thud" noises between very soft landings and very hard landings. New thud noises are used in lieu of the very heavy landing noise for wall/door impacts and melee hits.
  • Enemies that get knocked back and hit doors will properly make the doors shake and produce a banging sound; ragdolls will do the same.
  • The bleepy confirm noise is now less noisy than before.

Bug Fixes

  • Biofreak Initiate/Ratman no longer gets locked into an attack animation, and has better spacing on some of his attacks (so he can actually hit you with them).
  • Fix for 'enemies to the far right of level cannot be shot' bug.
  • Hostages no longer cause a crash if they die.
  • Fix for 'unlock/stuck in place' bug
  • Player can no longer wall cling while making a 'stumbled' action, such as getting hit or climbing.

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